One Seafile instance for multiple domains


I already use Seafile on my own domain (

Now, I would like to setup seafile for a friend of mine on another domain.
I could just run a second instance of Seafile on the same server and configure the reverse proxy (Nginx) accordingly.

But I was wondering if it would be possible to use a single instance of Seafile on multiple domains. I do not need to be able to share data to/from users accross domains.

Anyone doing this kind of things?


Unfortunately this is not possible as far as I know.

Yeah, I came to the same conclusion.

So, I tried to run another instance of seafile/seahub on others ports and… it works well!

Afaik running another instance of Seahub with the same database also works, but I’ve never tested it in depth.

I wanted to do the same, I am using seafile-containerized by ggogel over at GitHub and I just reverse proxied the original URL with the new domain, no additional rewrites, a simple proxy_forward with the original domain did the trick - tested uploading and downloading files, it works well.
Not the most efficient solution, but, hey :woman_shrugging:

Okay, so for my use case, I had two instances of seafile in their own VM, #1 and #2, on the #2 VM I shared all the requisite folders to VM #1 which has NGINX, so it uses the common ports and multiple domains on 1 server