Online calendar & online document editing

Hello, dear Seafile users!
Please tell me is there any online calendar on Seafile Pro? Like Google calendar or Nextcloud calendar?
And the second question. Can I edit some .doc or .xls documents online with someone else at one time, like Google docs? Thank you for your time!)

Unfortunately there is and won’t be a calendar for Seafile in the future. But i think there are better solutions out there.

You can use ONLYOFFICE or LibreOffice Online to edit documents online. Please have a look at the Manual. and

thanks a lot! I;m going to read this manual… what do you use for online calendar, if you use it of course?)

You may want to have a look at: or

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If you want to view and edit your calendar online, you’ll need something like InfCloud, too. Baikal and InfCloud is what I use. Since Baikal development has been stopped, radicale might be the better choice.

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Is there an announcement somewhere about stopped development for baikal?

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