ONLYOFFICE 6.x Integration


ONLYOFFICE 6.0.0 was released yesterday. Since I could not find any information on whether integration between Seafile and ONLYOFFICE 6.x is possible, I just decided to upgrade my ONLYOFFICE Docker container, and I found the integration broken, with ONLYOFFICE never starting to load the requested document.

I wanted to ask others if they had any more luck (thus indicating this is just a misconfiguration on my side) or whether an update from Seafile’s side is necessary to support the latest version of ONLYOFFICE.

Thank you!

No issue with Seafile and Onlyoffice 6.0 (but not using Docker)

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Yes, Seafile Server 7.1.5 CE (Ubuntu 18.04) is working with onlyoffice/documentserver editor v.6.0.0.

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Use 7.1.8 with docker onlyoffice/documentserver:latest now 6.0.0 and it works normal.

Hi @Cellane

which Seafile-Server version are you running ? Are there any log errors?

Sorry for the false alarm!
I tried re-deploying ONLYOFFICE 6.0.0 again and this time I restarted my Seafile Server container after a successful deploy (not sure if that made any change – it shouldn’t be required, right?), and suddenly everything works perfectly again. Thank you all for the confirmations!