Onlyoffice co-editing of documents


Is the co-editing functionality not implemented in the moment with seafile?
I guess there should be a function to share the document with another user.
Otherwise the co-editing function and the chat are not working…

Or is it already implemented in another way

Thank you


I’m also interested in this feature.
is there anything new?


Hi, it is implemented I used it already. Share the files in a group (or it should also work if you just share a folder with the file in it). Now the other person can open it too in OnlyOffice by clicking on it. Now you both are working together at the same document. Works great, you can see where the other person is editing and you can chat.

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Very interesting, thank you for the hint.
This is very usefull for people who are registered as user in the cloud.
The only thing I miss is to share the file via link and to work on the file with a user not registered in Seafile.
Is there any way? Because file preview in this case is not opening in onlyoffice…
Thank you


Hi all,

co-editing seems to work only on documents in a shared folder… it would be useful if onlyoffice allowed co-editing even for subfloders of a shared folders. Maybe there is already a solution but I did not find it.

hi @daniel.pan

do you think this will be implemented?

would be awesome and i could shutdown my eitherpad-lite


Online document collaboration with Collabora has been implemented with version 6.0.2 and with ONLYOFFICE in version 6.1.1. The share link with editing permission was added in Seafile 6.3.5 (a Pro feature).

Do you want to test it? Easy!

Youre right about the permissions on pro version, its not in the CE tho.