OnlyOffice Desktop View for Tablets (Android / iOS)


Is there a possibility to display a desktop view of OnlyOffice (Document Server) on mobile devices like tablets?
The mobile view is significantly limited.

activate desktop view in browser don’t work, still the mobile view of only office

I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you asking if there are mobile apps for OnlyOffice? What do you mean by “desktop view”?

There are OnlyOffice editors for Android, iOS and Huawei App Gallery that you can read about here.

I mean the view in the web browser



Are you asking if the desktop (standalone) apps differ appreciably from the web view? They do not.

No my questions are all related to the web browser view.
I want the same view on my tablet (see screenshot 1) as on my desktop PC.

I see. Maybe @Vlad can shed some light on OnlyOffice on mobile devices.

Have you tried loading the desktop site within your browser. This should tell the website to present the full version instead of the mobile one.