Onlyoffice mobile view

I tried the onlyoffice community server+document server several months back. If I remember correctly, the document server has a mobile view, which displays better in a phone.

However, it seems the Seafile’s onlyoffice integration does not support the mobile view. I try open a doc in my iPhone. The page is the same as the computer view, i.e., fonts are small, almost not readable and the pages are not scrollable.

I will dig into more details about how the onlyoffice mobile view works when I have time.

Found it!
According to the developer API, to enable the mobile view, Seafile should specify the platform type used to access the document.

Setting “type” to “mobile” in the config will open the page in the mobile view. Here is an example of full configuration:

However, unfortunately, Seafile only uses the most basic setting that doesn’t specify the “type”. Thus, by default the doc will only be opened using the desktop view.

It will be great to see an improvement for this in the next update.

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with this small Update you can add the function.

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Great, awesome.