ONLYOFFICE online editors v5.5 released

The new version of ONLYOFFICE online editors has been released.

ONLYOFFICE provides online editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that easily integrate with Seafile. The editors have maximum compatibility with docx, xlsx, and pptx formats.

What’s new in version 5.5:

In document editor

  • Document comparison;
  • New Content controls: pictures, combo boxes, drop-down lists, dates, checkboxes;
  • Mirror and gutter margins;
  • Captions for images, shapes, tables, and equations.

In spreadsheet editor

  • Custom Sort;
  • Scale to Fit to make a worksheet fit a printed page;
  • Cell Snapping;
  • Filling cells with colors, patterns, and gradients;
  • Performing actions with several worksheets in bulk;
  • Re-calculating formulas;
  • Custom separators for thousands and decimals;
  • Adjusting spellchecker settings.

In presentation editor

  • Adding tables, shapes, charts, and images to the slide layout;
  • Adding objects to placeholder;
  • Reset Slide.

In all editors

  • Removing comments in one click;
  • Collaboration tab is available when sharing documents with the Comment rights;
  • More options for bulleted and numbered lists.

Document comparison and adding content controls are available in ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition and not available in free Community Edition.

The source code of ONLYOFFICE editors can be found on GitHub.

Instructions on how to integrate ONLYOFFICE with Seafile are available in the official Seafile documentation.

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I wasn’t able to add any links :disappointed:

but I hope that everything about the integration is easy to find :blush:


Question for the devs

Could we know if Seafile 7.1 is compatible with OO DS 5.5 ?


Don’t know about 7.1, but on 7.05 the update went flawlessly using docker.