Onlyoffice - only saving when closing tab

finally our onlyoffice is working, but I have a strange behavior. With autosave or not, the document is modified in seafile only when I close the tab (or the browser). Is this how it must works ?
I’ve tried to re-run the onlyoffice dock with “-v /app/onlyoffice/DocumentServer/logs:/var/log/onlyoffice” to see if there is some errors, but /var/log/onlyoffice stay empty :frowning:
Any suggestion ?

currently the behavior is right. Please see callback handler of OnlyOffice. Seafile will only save the document, if OnlyOffice sends status 2 (Git)

best regards

Thanks. I’m not sure about what say the link you’ve posted. What append if two users work on a doc : is this the last that close his browser which save the doc ?