Onlyoffice - requested page could not be found


I have integrated Seafile with onlyoffice document server. It works properly when opening files when logged in in seafile webinterface. But when sharing file it is possible only to download the file, no preview in onlyoffice possible. We get the message

Sorry, but the requested page could not be found.

In the log file seahub_django_request.log we get following error message

2017-07-01 07:04:53,489 [WARNING] django.request:170 get_response Not Found: /office-convert/static/3987fa78-407b-4c41-a52a-3076383f205b/270333e74250299ec0aa325f520efe1d50111f86/path_to_file.xls/index.html

As just said, the download via share link is working without problems, only onlyoffice does not work properly…

As I read there is or was a problem with spaces, but our path does not contain any space or special char.

Please let me know if you have any idea

Thank you


As far as I know, a doc from a shared link won’t be opened with onlyoffice. Instead, it still uses the libreoffice ( for preview.

From the log, it looks like you don’t have the libreoffice installed. You may want to follow the above link to set it up.

Yes, I agree that seafile should also use onlyoffice for previewing the doc from a shared link.

thank you for your reply
You’re right… preview works only with onlyoffice installed… but I do not like to install libreoffice on server…
Lets hope that document preview will be possible soon also with onlyoffice…
Thank you