Onlyoffice spellchecker default language

Hello, does anyone know a way to change the default language of spellchecker in onlyoffice?

It’s at the bottom right hand side. Select a different language:

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Thanks for the answer but I mean the onlyoffice documentserver.
So the “online” version that you can call directly from seafile

Sorry, the interface language of my ONLYOFFFICE document server is German. But I think you will find the spellchecker settings when following the path shown blow:

For xlsx files this is actually the case in my case as well.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for docx files.
The menu for docx files also looks different from the menu for xlsx files.
And even if I change the language for one file, the default language for the next file is set to english again.

This is a screenshot from my ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition document editor:

He’s right!