Onlyoffice with Token & links to office doc

I’ve upgraded a CE install to 7.1.3 and enabled the OnlyOffice token by adding in


(XXXX being the token set in Onlyoffice documentserver).

Everything is working for authenticated users, but, if I share a doc using a public link, it won’t be usable. Onlyoffice starts to load and complains that the token is not correct. The only option is to use /?dl=1 after the link.
Without OO token, public link leads to Onlyoffice loading the doc as readonly.

TL;DR : enabling OO token is breaking share links to office files (except direct download links, those ending with /?dl=1)


I can confirm this bug. Would be nice to have it fixed as soon as possible :slight_smile:

It seems that there is a PR that fixes the issue:

(sry, can’t post links)

Somebody must just merge this PR with the repo. I am currently applying the patch manual to my installation.


I was losing my mind thinking this was a config issue on my end, thanks for reporting here. I can wait for the PR to be integrated.