Option machine load

Is it possible in the seafile client to add an option on the machine load.

Indeed, it will be necessary to avoid that the seafile client synchronizes the data when the machine is heavily overloaded,
At the processor level, as well as at the disk level.

I wanted to start a data recovery process with another software.
It did not go well.

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Dont think this is possible (yet). Why dont you just shutdown the service for the recovery process if dont want a client a todo stuff anyway.

In a professional context with a large infrastructure, it is essential in this option because we do not control all the tasks of the users

Where exactly is the difference? The server is not available either way?

Data restoration was an example.

On video processing that can require a lot of CPU and disk resources, I do not want the seafile client to synchronize at this time because we are in full processing.

This type of fine option is found in kaspersky for example :slight_smile:

Concede resources to other applications. When the CPU and disk subsystems are at high load, the scheduled scans will be postponed.

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i see :slight_smile:

might not be the best solution and it still involves actually shutting down the server, but you could monitor usage of i/o (+ anything else) via cronjob and stop the service if it reaches a certain threshold. Not really what you wanted but just an idea :slight_smile:

unfortunately notifying the client is not possible yet - but i see the general usecase.

I don’t think these things belong in the seafile client. “Keep it Simple, Stupid” and “Do one thing and do it well” are essentially for a good software. You can just check manually, you also would have to click on such diagram in the Client, instead you could just open your taskmanager. When you’re in an enterprise and you can’t do it manually - do it automatically, but please with some script, than terminates or degrades the process’ priority if the load is high. There is no need to bloat a software for the need of a small amount of people. If you want this to be in Seafile’s Software, maintain your own patches/fork.