Option to enable previous page mode for large number of files

The latest versions of seafile use “infinite scroll” for navigating through long lists of files\directories. However, whilst this is “in fashion”, in practice this behaviour is not always desirable.

i) in can be difficult to locate a file in a large list unless the file happens to be near the beginning (as you can’t jump to the middle or end of the list)
ii) for large lists it can use a lot of memory and cause the web browser to become sluggish
iii) it can be difficult to see how many files are in the list, or if you are nearing the end
iv) there are compatibility problems with some browsers or adware plug-ins (which break scrolling and also makes it look as if files are missing)

For all these problems it would be good if there was an option (either globally or per user) for changing the mode back to the previous behaviour.