Organizing and Backing up SeaFile

Week one and testing Windows version of Seafile.

I am trying to re-organize all my files and map out my files as I am so fed up with the “expand your storage” nags from the cloud storage companies I sort of use. Here are a few questions that I need to figure out in my process.

My server is basically a Windows 7 (64) system with a Raid 6 array totaling 16Tb of usable space. This server has a separate SSD for its operating system which is not too big. This system is mainly used for Plex serving with a setup a separate partition just for Acronis backups. I recently added 2 WD My book duos with 16tb each to this server but have not deployed them since I am re-configuring my software options.

In the past, I was using Acronis to back up each of my various computers (only 4) and then duping copying (or using a third party syncing program) onto my server. I recently had some trouble with my Raid array, which I think I fixed, but I am not confident that my troubles are over. Acronis has their cloud service but I prefer not to have storage on their system and put the money back into my hardware.

With the addition of Seafile I can now reduce the frequency and the size of back ups on my computers since my personal files can centrally synced and backed up.

My questions are:

  1. Where and how can I backup the User data that is on the my Seafile server? Is it as simple as backup the entire “sea-file” directory?

  2. Is it possible to load the Client software on is server as well?

  3. Is there way to go a massive file restore back onto a computer from Seafile? (I synced my personal photos which is over 5000 images and I want to make sure I can restore them on the computer I mainly edit them on)

I would ideally like to dedicate one of the WD Duo’s to be a redundant back up for my personal files and my Acronis system backups just in case my Raid array goes down.
Please keep in mind that this is a hobby by necessity so KISS.

Working with Seafile has been fun and usefull… Thank you Seafile for making the personal edition available.

Remember to also backup the database. It is not necessary, but it’s the easiest to restore by running Seafile.

Yes, there also is a cli version. Running both, Seafile Server and Client on the same server can lead to issues under some circumstances.

2 options:

  1. select the library in the client and choose to sync it with a new folder
  2. use seaf-fsck to restore a library from seafile-data directly (this only works for unencrypted libraries)

Is this databae located in the “SeafileProgram” directory?

What is a cli version?

Thank you.