Original Seafile logo and icon, where can I find it?

I have change the Favo icon and Logo but now I want the Seafile original back how can I find it?

The Windows client, or the server WebUI?

Just delete these lines from your config and restart seafile (only applies for WebGUI, but i think this is what he means): https://manual.seafile.com/config/seahub_customization.html

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I only have it in the WEBGUI and there I can’t just leave it blank I need to choose a file.

Someone that have the original configuration maybe can save the img file from the webpage and share it with me?

Is this the one you are talking about?

The original filename is seafile-logo.png, btw. The forum changed the name when I uploaded it.

And the favicon.ico -> https://login.yoursecurecloud.de/f/c934b2567f4f480e8b23/?dl=1