OSX Seadrive 2.0.16 Continues installing MacFuse 4.0.4

Seadrive 2.0.16 is broken again for me; i install seadrive and if keeps reverting the MacFuse to 4.0.4 which is a) not supported on my OSX version and b) old. Is there any known ways to stop this? It used to just eventually stop after some number of attempts of reinstalling if it choose to replace MacFuse. Now, no matter how many attempts - always installs 4.0.4
I have googled trying to figure out way to stop this – not luck. Thinking maybe if I build my own version of seadrive? Anyone have ideas?

Which version of macOS are you running?

I’m running 12

and so I updated my xcode today to beta version for something else – and (no clue if related) but now my last attempt at running seadrive is working with macfuse 4.2.0

Any ideas how this could be caused from seadrive?

Are you now running macOS 12.0 beta 6?

It’s actually running Beta 12

And things are holding steady now?

I haven’t rebooted the Mac. I need to; so I’ll let you know in short order…

It reverted back to 4.0.4 first attempt rerunning seadisk after a reboot. :confused:

and now haven’t found the magic steps to stop it from reinstalling 4.0.4 every time.

Any ideas?

Let’s see. You’re running a development copy of MacFUSE and a beta copy of the operating system. Can you at least nail down the MacFUSE and run 4.1.2? That’s labelled as a stable release.

The other thing, it’s acting like it’s reverting to a snapshot of your OS. Is it? Do you see any evidence that MacFUSE is being reinstalled?

Is this an Intel or M1 Mac?

It’s intel.
The problem is the macfuse plugin; I had this problem way before updating the OS.

I think I see why, in seadrive_gui/third_party it installs macfuse.fs plugin - that is version 4.0.4
This is the problem it seems to me. I need to rebuild that plugin against the new macfuse. There are 0 docs to building those bits on OSX - but if it’s just autogen.sh; configuure; make; make install – I’m down.

The Only macfuse that works on Monterey is 4.2.0

Ok, i see what’s going on. Why are they redistributing macfuse.fs – this is going to be pain for everyone… ESPECIALLY if they upgrade to Monterey. Bet no one is noticing but it’s impacting all users.
I think I have a plan. /Library/Filesystems/macfuse.fs (4.2.0) manually copied into seadrive contents. I just need to figure out how to manually get the extension loaded perhaps…

Got it. When this hits anyone else needing macfuse > 4.0.4 , here’s the steps to fixing it:

  1. Stop seadrive.
  2. Install version of macfuse you require.
  3. copy /Library/Filesystems/macfuse.fs into /Applications/seadrive/Contents/Resources/
  4. Reinstall your desired verion of macfuse (I had cases where macfuse was updated but the new kernel extension was not getting loaded)
    5, Reboot