Pause sync during backup via FUSE

Hi everybody,

Seafile runs like a charm. Many thanks for your effort!

I would like to backup my data using seaf-fuse and rsnapshot. I would like to stop seafile from syncing during the backup process - just to rule out completly any chance to read a file while it is synced by seafile during backup. Stopping the server completly is not an option because seaf-fuse needs the serverto be running (as far as I understood).

So, is there any option to pause seafile server from syncing?



You can stop nginx/apache while backup


many thanks for your reply and sorry for this late respone.

Yes, stopping apache would prevent changes due to interaction via the web frontend. But this does not prevent files from being changed due to the normal sync process.

Am I right?



I think seafile-client syncs via http(s) from version 4.0 on.


OK, got it, thanks for making this clear.