PDF Viewer Distortion

Anyone know what would cause the PDF viewer in the online GUI to display a PDF like this:

This is what the same PDF looks like if I download it and open it on my computer:

Server Pro v6.0.13

@daniel.pan @xiez
Any idea how to fix that? Maybe we can use another viewer?

Looks like it’s a scanned document containing OCR Text which normally is not visible.

It is a PDF form that you can fill out. It was created as word document saved as a PDF, then Adobe acrobat was used to make it a fillable form.

Download link:

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So no solution?

I’ve just checked it with the server of my university and chrome and firefox and don’t have the bug (pro 6.0.12). On my homeserver there is also no issue with displaying the document.


Maybe it’s an additional browser plugin which messes things up?

seafile-server_6.1.0_beta_x86-64 CE: looks as it should but it’s read only. So it can’t be filled out.

We’re experiencing similar issues with the HTML that has been created from the PDF. If you use the inspector you can see, that the generated HTML code is pretty messy. So far Firefox was the only Browser that could cope with the format. Tests with Safari and Chrome/Chromium showed similar results to what you described.

Maybe it’s time to switch to a new conversion-lib? Please let us know whether you’re planning on changing it.


If you use OnlyOffice, you can disable pdfjs and add .pdf to the document types of OnlyOffice.

I don’t know why they should change something that works. The example above was not reproducible.

At least with chrome there were not even issues with opening an epaper.

I am unable to reproduce the error. Unfortunately I cannot upload internal work documents to this forum. But I’ll keep trying to reproduce the problem on bogus documents.

@shoeper you’re right: Of course you shouldn’t change something as long as it works. And thanks for looking into it!

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