Performance tuning for Seahub? Listing files seams single-threaded


I am brand new to Seafile, but I’m coming from the Nextcloud world…Loving this, so far, however performance seems to be kind-of poor for me. I’m sure I just need to tune somethings, but I’m know sure what.

Specifically when I navigate the web page and try to list a folder that has MANY files (probably >1000) it hangs and eventually says “Folder does not exist”

I started all of this :point_up: typing up a new topic and then realized the security software which has Wepapp and api security was blocking many connections due to it looking like it’s XSS, command injection, and local file inclusion. Wish I didn’t have to scale back the security, but it’s blazing fast now. I guess the “single threaded” culprit was the actual security software. I also noticed that there were other things that were blocked from the SeaDrive client; notably a file that had an “&” looked like a SQL injection attack.

Hope this helps anyone with poor performance.