Permission denied errors when handling encrypted libraries

I am running server v8.0.7 (but the same error was already present in 7.1.4)

  1. When creating a new encrypted library I only get “permission denied”.
  2. Same thing happens when trying to access an encrypted library from the web browser (accessing the files e.g. via android or linux client works however. Accessing non-encrypted files on the web browser also works.)
    Here an example from the firefox web console

I am not fully sure but that problem might exist since I migrated the seafile from a previous server to the current.

I already ran but it didn’t help fixing this problem.

There is also no additional information in seafile.log in this regard. Is there any way I can obtain additional debug information?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

P.S.: I am using seafile in conjunction with mariadb 10.5