Permission for more than one user to share files/folders


Awesome ! Anyway thank you for the great feedback.


As we tested, if I share a library libA to a group with admin permission, all admins of the group can share any subfolder of libA.


So that means the admin has to share the lib in the first place and not the owner ?


Steps to reproduce :


When you share a library to a group, you should use “Admin” permission:


I tried and indeed it works ! But…

Then every user of the group can also share it ! not only group admins also regular members. It is not a big deal though.

Thank you again for your super-fast feedback.


Are you, by any chance, planning on implementing this as a feature?


You could try to add only specific users with admin permission and only read-write to the group. With that solution, group members don’t have admin permissions, while only specific users have. Not a nice workaround but should work.


Which feature do you mean? Currently this feature is implemented in recent seafile server versions (only Pro).


Blockquote All in all, this is really becoming a headache for us. How can we have multiple users with the permission on the same library, to share folders to other seafile users?

Besides Full Control, Change, and Read that can be set for groups or individually, NTFS offer a few more permission options:

Full control: Allows users to read, write, change, and delete files and subfolders. In addition, users can change permissions settings for all files and subdirectories.
Modify: Allows users to read and write of files and subfolders; also allows deletion of the folder.
Read & execute: Allows users to view and run executable files, including scripts.
List folder contents: Permits viewing and listing of files and subfolders as well as executing of files; inherited by folders only.
Read: Allows users to view the folder and subfolder contents.
Write: Allows users to add files and subfolders, allows you to write to a file.