Permissions in general


What permissions should a seafile installation have in general?

Seafile running with Nginx:

Should the entire seafile folder from the top up have nginx:nginx as owner?

On a CentOS installation of newest seafile server with nginx I am struggling with permissions.

I don’t understand what’s required.

WOuldn’t it be really important for the safety of seafile to talk a bit about this?

Greeting, Chris

I change owership of all seafile folders to the user that seafile server and hub run as. For me that is a dedicated “seafile” user. But probably the only directories that really need to be owned by the user seafile runs as are the seafile-data directory and logs directory (or directories). Though I think a few things get written to the runtime/ directory under server directory? So it’s a bit confusing, so I just chown everything.

The front end web server does not touch any seafile files (it just passes requests to seahub server), so unless you run your seafile server as the same user the web server runs as, you wouldn’t want to change ownership to that user.