Photo upload and encryption

When selecting to upload photos automatically from an Android (and I assume any) mobile device, there appears to be no way to select a library that has been encrypted with a password.

I would like to have my phone automatically upload photos as they are taken and sync them to an encrypted library. I am happy for the local library on my phone to remain unencrypted (since locally photos are stored unencrypted anyway) but they should only be accessible of sync’d devices with a password.

Is this functionality possible?


On my IOS device this feature is already implemented and it is possible to upload photos automatically to a encrypted library. I never tested it on Android but maybe this feature will be coming soon.

We will add this feature to Android platform too in the future.


This would be really nice. In particular for private data like photos it should be possible to save them more secure in the cloud.

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Hi there

Its been a while since your post, so sorry for bringing it up again, but I am using the latest version on the play store and the android app will not let me upload to an encrypted folder?

Is this functionality still not available currently?

Thanks in advance.

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I am just wondering because in the beginning of the Android Seafile Client it was possible to select all libraries - now its missing like you wrote… strange.

Thanks for the info.

So hopefully the functionality will be put back, so we have parity with ios at least.

Is this a bug or a configuration issue, if its been working in previous versions of the android app?

Was the functionality taken out in more recent android app updates?

@daniel.pan Any clarification would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

This feature is not added to Android app yet. There was no such feature implemented before.

I also was asked the last days from a user for this feature. Actually he was surprised because this feature works with an OS client and is missing in the android client. I see this are at least two different code bases and creates additional effort. From a seafile consistency point of view and security point of view this feature should be also available on the android client.

@daniel.pan: Is this feature already planned and prioritized and do you have a preliminary target date already?

It is a nice feature. But saving to encrypted libraries is a tricky task that may causing some bugs and need some time to fix. So we will delay the implementation until we finish other features. There is no scheduled time for this feature yet.


Thank you very much for your reply. I didn’t find a feature request in git which I can subscribe to. Should I just create one to track this feature request?

Currently feature requests are being tracked on the forum.

Bump for this.
Is this still a feature that might be planned ?
If not, is there a way to make our life easier about this subject ?

Like: auto upload to an non-encrypted library, then transfer “automatically” the content to a encrypted ones from seafile server ?
Or whatever solution that would not require an other upload to seafile, that may help :slight_smile:

For example we can auto upload from android, then sync on our computer client, then move them to a encrypted library, but that means --> upload (android) --> download (computer) --> upload again (computer), also I guess the mobile would resend them again if removed from the non encrypted library…

So it’s not so easy to handle.


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Any updates? Without this the android app is completely useless to me.

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Is there perhaps a roadmap for this? Or is such a feature discarded?


We don’t have a plan to implement such a feature yet.

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This is very sad as this feature would be important for the migration of my company to seafile.