Photo-Upload doesn't work

:wave: hello,
I’m using seafile-client for Windows 10 and Android 6 together with luckycloud. The auto-upload for photos worked well , but since two days the photos are not synced. I disabled the upload and enabled it again, changed the library… But the problem remains. Has anybody some ideas what is working wrong? Thanks a lot for your help.

Use their support. Without logs, probably no one can help you.

Hello. You solved the problem? Because I have the same and I do not know what to do. Answer me, please, if not I will be forced to write to the support. greetings

Hallo… I still have no solution for the problem. I’m waiting for an answer from luckycloud-support. If I got news I will write again.

In my case, the solution was easy…i’ve found out, that the
synchronisation was disabled in android…because of that, the
seafile camera-upload was disabled as well.
After re-activating the sync, it works well.