Place seafile.ini

In the documentation I saw that we could do that:

PreconfigureDirectory = ~/
PreconfigureUsername =
PreconfigureUserToken = t0Ken
PreconfigureServerAddr =

However, where should we place the seafile.ini file ?

Thank you so much,

Hi Jacky,

the instructions on the German site regarding the preconfig of SeaDrive are a little more detailed. There I found this paragraph:

Auf allen Plattformen muss die Konfigurationsdatei im Home Verzeichnis des Nutzers abgelegt werden. Unter Windows ist dies C:\Users\<CurrentUserName> bzw. der Wert der Umgebungsvariable %userprofile%.

Even if you don’t have a command of German, I hope this answers your question.

I will try in the registry.

thank you