Plea for the wiki

I really like seafiles wiki-feature for it’s so dead simple! And – most important – for the possibility to edit pages with my preferred markdown editor locally and seafile does the sync.

I noticed, that you deactivate it by default but please don’t abandon it completely. Improve it just a little and it will be the best!

My suggestions:

  • add a text-search function (the only thing that’s really missing)
  • include a tag for Auto-TOC
  • Just Re-Activate Public-Wiki-Option (to build simple web-pages - really cool!)
  • use double-bracket-syntax for wiki-links, like this [[link]]
  • support footnotes



I really support this !

This got my vote aswell.

And a better markdown support in general was already on the roadmap, but got cancelled/removed?!

Maybe replace EditorMD as there is no development for more than 1.5 years. SimpleMDE is designed to work along with marked.js and it does look and work similar to EditorMD. Ok, development in SimpleMDE is going slow aswell but at least there is development at all. SimpleMDEmay be not as feature rich as EditorMD, but it provides a better rendering IMHO and many features are available with code snippets.

I already implemented this replacement for testing purposes once but doing this with every update is too cumbersome.

BTW TOC is already available - at least while editing. You can activate it by editing the template \seahub\seahub\templates\file_edit.html.

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That would be great!

I already mentioned that, but I also support leaving the wiki function.
For reference, I proposed adding a plugin infrastructure to SeaHub that could hold the wiki code and much more:

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Don’t take it personally. In my opinion it would be bad if they create a plugin infrastructure.

All of the software on the market which implemented such an infrastructure are much more vulnerable to exploits. Just have a look at Wordpress. You can read about security issues every other week. The more complex a software is, the more vulnerabilities you have. I prefer simplicity like the KISS principle (“Keep it simple, stupid”).

Hi all,

I’m not a developer at all but as an end user, i think that the wiki feature is not irrelevant in the use of a cloud storage system. Many users points the lack of editing features in Seafile, that gives the felling of a “limited” software (which it is not).

I know hat Seafile Team @daniel.pan are not convinced about the wiki feature and i understand their point of view.
I’m not convinced, also, by a plugin infrastructure.

But i wonder is there would be some place for a 3rd party integration, as Django Wiki

If the Wiki is based on files, Seafile could eventually store them in libraries (as Seahub does with its own wiki)
Looking at the interface, the wiki could use seafile API to look for and attach files within its own library.

We would then need a custom integration in the seahub web interface.

The logic of seahub (rights, sync, etc.) may then be preserved.

Of course, it is just an idea, not based on a technical analysis.

Perhaps the Seafile team has already think of it.



django-wiki stores the article data in the database.
I think it’s one of the strengths of the Seafile wiki that all content is stored as plain text files in a library that you can also edit by any other means. Therefore I can document our Seafile setup in it and refer to my locally synced copy even if I messed up our installation. :wink:



I did not find the information when i posted this idea, sorry.
But i checked and confirm that is uses a database to store the folder tree.
My idea was to think of a convenient way to provide wiki features as part of seahub/seafile.
Maybe the devs will find accurate to provide a richer interface while keeping the ability to store .md files in libraries, which is also very useful.



I posted another wish for wiki here :




My wish is to provide users some little documentation about Seafile and our libraries and groups.
I think that building a wiki into a Organisation Library (Shared with anyone) and giving acces to it near the Personal Wiki link (in the tools section) coul easily do the job.

The wiki may be read-only but could be edited by admin or wiki owner.

It would be great to enlarge the use of wiki to the default users and give more user-friendly content to them.

I supposed that it is ot so complex and does not interfer with basic principles of the wiki in Seafile.

What do you think, @daniel.pan and @schlarbm ?



I think your need can be meet by adding a link in the left panel under “Tools” section. This link can link to a markdown file that shared via a public download link.

You can customize the left panel by modify the template:

We can also add a feature to make it easy to add a link in the left panel.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the solution based on the template and your proposal for a “add link to menu” feature.
I already linked a public page, but it is not enough…
I’d like to give access (for registered users) to a complete Wiki , with the TOC on the left side and the list of pages.
Creating public shared links for all pages is not a solution for me, because they are difficult to maintain.