Please re-enable the old style seafile internal links (seafile://openfile?repo_id=...)

Dear seafile team,

since seafile client 7 we are missing the old style seafile internal links, that looked like:


such links are very convenient, clicking on them opens the file locally, e.g. for a word document word is started. Many people here use such links to work on shared documents.

since seafile client 7 the URL and the behavior of those links have changed, links now open in a browser (smart links).

while this has its advantages, we would very much like to get the old direct links back, in addition to the smart links that open in the browser.

you could call the old style direct links (seafile://openfile?repo_id=…) “filesystem links”, for example.



Okay, it will be added back in the next release.


Integration for this on the mobile clients would be a treat @daniel.pan

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