Please remove subfolders, put all libraries in root


It’s really confusing, if you enter seadrive (or seahub) and have to look in every subfolder
(my library, shared with me, shared with groups, …) to find the library you are looking for.
Sometimes users call the service desk, because they think they don’t have access to a specific library - they have, but they don’t know that they have to move to the “right” subdirectory.

At other platforms (I know or nextcloud), there’s all in the root directory if you enter the platform. I think this is easier for endusers.

Can you remove these subdirectories, so all accessible libraries are in the root directory of seadrive?
For Seahub it’s maybe possible to filter libraries instead of sorting in categories.

Is that possible? What are you thinking about?


I can only agree with this. Those subfolders are confusing. Be it on seahub or seadrive, I’d rather have all the libs at one place

Agree! At least, make it an option, please.

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I disagree, because if you use seafile with many users (100+) an libraries (200+), you can’t be organized.
I use nextcloud too, and I have very much problems with shared folders, because all stored in same namespace.

In that case, they could make it a user-configurable option (disable/enable).

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My biggest issue is not separating “my libs” and “shared with me” libs. It’s the split between shared with me, shared with groups, and shared with all. Why a standard user should care how he got access to a lib (shared with him specificaly, or with a group he’s a member of, or with everyone). From his POV, it’s just a lib he’s not owner of, and to which he has access. So just two root folders “my libs” and “libs shared with me” would be OK

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So for this case, I think an overlay filter or search field is much better than clicking through seperate sections.

Filecloud does it by having a folder called My Files which is obviously all ones personal stuff, along with a folder that by default is named Team Folders (but it can be changed!) This contains folders you’ve been given access the administrator, either per username or via a group. Then there’s the ‘Shared with me’ folder which just includes what other mortal users have shared.

So maybe it would make sense to join the Shared with groups/all together and perhaps even allow for changing the name of this “folder”?