Possible to manage Pro version using Linux distro's package manager?

This is like a pre-sales question. I am shopping for a solution for our company. We are interested in your pro version. Main use case is file sharing & sync’ing. Can the software installation and upgrades be managed with standard Linux package management tools?

Clients will be Arch Linux on laptops/desktops, plus Android and iPhone mobiles.
Server will be either Arch or CentOS7. (Probably Arch)

I see several packages in the AUR such as:
aur.archlinux dotorg / packages/seafile/

But I cannot tell if those support the pro license.

At this point, Seafile does not provide DEB or YUM packages. Sorry. It is also unlikely to change. The thing is that it is super difficult/impossible to package complex user level server applications. This is also why docker way became more popular recent years.

The packages in the AUR are - as far as I know - community-supported. They are not from the Seafile developers. If you want to run Seafile Pro on Arch, I suggest Docker.