Post install questions

Hey everyone, I am trying to wrap my head around seafile (now that it is finally installed)

a few questions

  1. i Followed the email notifications setup, but I still get the “email is not configured” when I add a user, my email shows no activity coming from the seafile server in the logging console

  2. So if I have a library, that is a container to which i sync to my folder on a computer correct, and then that folder can then be SHARED with others, BUT what if I want to share a certain folder, but not share others,

that probably did not make sense

so scenario is i have a library called “accounting” inside that library is the files synced from my computer folder “accounting”, so I give access to a library by adding a user? or do they get added to a group

some of this is not as black and white as it seems, and any help would be great.

I am amazed at how robust this program really is


Could you post your configuration regarding notifications?

You can share either a file, folder or library. For each you can generate your share link and you can have link for all of them within a single library at the same time.

You can add other user or groups to a library or folder but not to a single file.
Using group or user to share with is up to you, groups do make it easier to add new users to the share. Not to forget groups allow an easier overview when checking who has access

email setup is as follows

EMAIL_HOST = ‘’ # smpt server
EMAIL_HOST_USER = ‘’ # username and domain
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = ‘password’ # password
EMAIL_PORT = myport

I am slowly figuring out the rest of it :wink: