Prevent sharing links by library?

Is it possible to prevent sharing links on a per-library basis? Is that a Pro-only option?

No, this is not possible.

In Seafile PE, you can strip a user of the permission to generate sharing links by changing the user’s role. But this is a global setting applying to all libraries.

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Thanks suspected as much. In the pro edition, what is the level of granularity of preventing sharing? Per library or more granular?

Thanks - upgraded my test system to PE and changed the user’s roles. Ability to share an external link disabled although internal links still work.

Just to clarify: Internal links are not sharing links. Internal links are merely URLs pointing to files saved in Seafile. When creating an internal link, Seafile does not change the permissions to the file. In other words, unless you have permission to the file, the internal link won’t do anything for you.

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It’s a shame that you can’t control sharing on a per library setting. It’s a bit of a blocker for a client who wants (say) sharing to be disabled in the Directors library but allowed in the Public library. So much so that I’m going to be dragged into evaluating NextCloud :frowning:

I have tried pointing out that people can always share documents other ways but that’s not got me very far. Somethings have to be left to the security policy of the company.