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Hi there!

I’m currently testing Seafile Pro Edition on Ubuntu 16.04 for our company. For our requirements I need Preview for some file types.
Needed is: pdf, jpg, png, tif(f) and eps. pdf, jpg, png is working great. But I didnt manage to get a preview of tif and eps files.
I’ve added this extensions in admin area of seafile and installed libtiff5, python-libtif and ghostscript. But on opening this file types I only get an issue “unknown data codec” (unbekannte Datenkodierung in german).
Any ideas howto get it working?

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Hi Maik,

To have a valid preview the server needs to have somethink like a ‘plugin’ to convert the file to somethink the browser can render. jpg/png/gif can be shown by the browser directly. pdf, doc, tif, eps… need to be converted. I don’t think that seafile has a converter for tif or eps.



Hi Garfield,

thanks for your response.



As stated by the changelog since Version 6.2.8 Seafile should be able to preview tiff and eps in the browser. But I am still struggling at getting it to work.

“6.2.8 (2018.02.02)
Support online preview for tiff and eps files”


Hi muellefr,

tiff and eps preview works for me now. But there is a restriction of the file size.
What issue do u get?



for eps it says “The image could not be loaded.” or I get the spinning wheel. I don’t see anything in the logs.

Fortunately I was just able to open one of the tiff-files.


Which OS do you use? I’m running seafile on ubuntu 16.04. There’s a bug of pillow. Following steps helped me to fix the problems:

  1. Remove python-imaging and install 3.3.0 version

    apt-get uninstall python-imaging
    apt-get autoremove
    pip install Pillow==3.3.0

  2. Remove thumbnails

    rm -rf seahub-data/thumbnail

  3. Restart Seahub