Private Cloud or Load Balancing


I am looking to start a website for a university. This website will include all the information about that university. It will also contain videos of latest happenings in college. We will also start a online education program as well. So it will contain all the study material in video format. So the website will get a huge amount of traffic and I am looking for the best solution for it. I have heard about 2 things Private Cloud and Load Balancing. What are these two things and which one is better between these 2?I also checked Private Cloud Video and Load Balancing video for more information to know which is better but, did not find much .It would be great if you guys can help me out.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

Sorry, but this forum is for Seafile users (which is like a dropbox but you can host it by your own). What you need is a simple webserver / cluster setup.

Although my daily business is hosting (we also host a large Seafile infrastructure), i would recommend that you search another forum or write me a PM.

See for example