[Pro 6.3.7] seafile-data doesn't decrease after seaf-gc.sh with empty libraries

after some testing we decided to migrate our organization files from a windows share via the client to the seafile server.
To start from a fresh and clean point, we left the libraries intact but removed all existing files via the browser (and yes we cleaned the trash :slight_smile:). Afterwards running “seaf-gc.sh -t 20” it removed some blocks, but there are still about 1.6M blocks under “/seafile-data/commits/”.
Besides 5 user libraries (~30 files, 50MB) all the others are empty (0 files / 0 Bytes).
There are no deleted libraries.

I also saw this post (Physical Size of Seafile does not reduce) and changed the history to “1”, but nothing changed.

What am I missing?

Centos 7.6.1810; MariaDB 5.5.60; Nginx 1.12.2; memcached 1.4.15

Thanks in advance.

Save a small file to the library then re-run garbage collect.

Didn’t solve the problem.

For further clarification - this is my problem: