Pro 7.1.3 problem with admin interface

With Pro 7.1.3 I cannot access the imported ldap users in the admin interface. I’m getting a “Permission denied” error.

And the names of the admin roles (Default Admin, Daily Admin) are not translated to german.


I have exactly the same problem. In the first time juste after the installation of seafile version 7.1.3, access of imported ldap worked well.
But after changing custom roles in i have also the permission denied.

Someone have the solution ?

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There is no errors in logs.
The problem come from the http response (HTTP 403 error)
This method can only be used by admin user. But no admin user (The first local user or the 2 others) can use the method :
seafile-server/api2/accounts/ with LDAPImport scope.
I don’t find another method to get ldap users.

The fix will be included in the next release:

In version 7.1, we added support for ordering users by some columns. This feature can only work for less than 500 users. If you have >500 users, the server will response with an error. But there is a bug in this code. Even if you don’t perform an order by, the server also returns an error.