Pro edition license

I’ m trying to do a docker compose for the pro version of seafile, however docker login doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I have used the provided login details from the customer support center, I used them last week without issue. I keep getting unauthorized incorrect name/password.

Is anyone else having issues?

Hi, i got errors too. I can login on but all repositories seems flagged as private.
my docker can’t pull anything from it at the moment

If i click on repositories i got this

We are unable to perform your action because internal server errors have occurred.

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Ah yes, I hadn’t tried the site before, but I’m getting the same thing there indeed, still as of today…

@daniel.pan @Jonathan could you please take a look?

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@xsxavier @Schnuecks can you test it again?

Hi, it works.
Is any 8 pro version in pipeline for docker?

@lian @Schnuecks

Through the site everything is accessible again, however when pulling through terminal I still get the same error. I have typed and copied the password to make sure it’s correct, the password is correct when logging in via browser.

I will try later again, maybe it’s a caching problem?


I just test it again and can pull the latest image.

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Thanks, it seems to be working again now indeed!


Hi, alas the same error seems to have returned again. The site seems fine however docker login is giving the incorrect username/password again.

Correction the site also gives an unknown error when selecting releases.