Pro: storage class quotas?


I just read about the new concept of multiple storage backends in seafile pro server 6.3.
I didn’t find a hint in the server manual, if it is possible to define separate user quotas for different storage backends or classes. It would be nice to define a small default quota for fast SSD backends and a big default quota for a slow archive backend. Is this possible?


Please have a look at

I don‘t think that quota per backend is possible, since you just set one quota per user.

Yes, I’ve read the manual. That’s why I asked.
In my opinion, multiple storage backends only make sense, if you could define different quotas for different backends. If I have a small pool of fast SSDs and a big pool of slow HDs, and maybe a very big pool, where data are transparently migrated to tape (HSM), and I give a user a quota of 100 GB, then I want to prevent the user from storing the 100 GB on the expensive and fast SSD pool. I would like to give the user a 10 GB quota on the SSD pool, a 100 GB quota on the HD pool and 1 TB on the HSM pool, for example.

This is not possible yet.

They make very much sense when working with PB of data. E.g. with ceph one can just add another cluster every x TB or even PB.