Problem in Seafile Client for Upgrade software and upgrade library from locally

Today I found yet another problem. First of all, I have seafile in version 6.2.11 and when I go to “Information-> look for updates” it appears to me that no update is available, when instead there is. The second problem is that if I try to synchronize new things from the local computer to a remote folder on seafile, I get an error because it’s not possible! I should first synchronize the seafile folder with the local one … but I can’t because on the local folder of my pc there are new things that if I would go to “merge” with that of seafile it would copy me again all the files that I deleted. from the local folder (always from my pc). In short … another problem. Does anyone have any suggestions or improvements to propose?
Sorry for my English. Ask if you do not understand what I have just written.