Problem Seahub Django



I saw the new update published on seafile … I will try and let you know.


Were the policies regarding IP that seahub uses when downloading files from the server also changed? Because it happens that I am on two different networks (always in my home and not remotely) and when I try to download from a network, unfortunately, the IP of the other network is set and not the one in which I am. Here … this is another of the things I didn’t like about seafile and which I mentioned earlier. An example:

I am in both LAN and WIFI. Now, I want that when I’m in my LAN, and I download something, the address I use to download is that of the server connected to the LAN, and when I’m in WIFI I want the address of the server connected to the WIFI to be used . Unfortunately (as far as I have seen) this is not possible during the configuration phase because only one server IP address is required. And so this is a decision! And this is not good, because if I want to download something and I don’t want to consume bandwidth of wifi, I inevitably have to download from the address of the wifi … if I want to change the download address I have to go to modify the configuration file … but I can’t do this every time!

Thanks and I hope you understand … unfortunately I don’t speak English.