Problem syncing home folder


I installed Seafile client on both Windows 10 and Linux Mint. It works well except when i try to sync the home folder (in both linux or windows) i get this error:
the path “name_of_the_path” conflicts with system path

How can I avoid this?


Is Your seafile sync folder placed inside Your home folder? That won’t work since seafile would have to sync itself recursively.

I moved my .seafile-data folder to /opt (on linux) but I still get the same error when I try to sync my home folder.

I too have been trying to do this. But apparently (from what I read) - this is not possible. I wanted to sync the whole thing between systems. I could do individual folders, but I cannot do my dotfiles.

What’s in that home folder you are trying to sync? Are there any Seafile folders in there at all? Also, is that the exact error you are receiving, or is it actually outputting the path that is in conflict?

I am also trying to sync my Home folder. I am using Linux Mint. I get the error “conflicts with system path”. I have to select every folder under Home/User like Documents, Downloads. I cannot simply sync the whole Home folder. Am I doing something wrong? What can be done? Thanks!