Problem while saving uploaded file (Webinterface)



  • OS: Debian 8 / 64 Bit
  • Serverversion: 6.2.5
  • With NGINX with WSGI mode
  • Affected: Only Webinterface

[In reply to Chiyo Draconis]
The problem:
The following problems exist with the current version 6.2.5 as well as have existed with the previous version. Only the web interface is affected, which means that the app and the desktop client work unproblematically. The logfiles (ngnix / seahub / seafile / etc.) show no real helpful information. The error only occurs when uploading big files, small files can be uploaded by the affected user without a problem. With the big files, the upload works until it reaches 99%. After that, when trying to save the file, the small upload window (not the main one) shows the error “access denied” and the upload did not work. This bug/error is not reproducible with other users. An own test could not reproduce the bug/error. Are there any solutions?

What size do your temp and cache folders have?
They should at least fit the file size that is being uploaded + some space for other uploads.

What cache/temp folders do you mean?

System, nginx/apache and Seafile. I don’t remember right now which are important for uploaded files.

Http_temp (in seahub-data) is for downloading compressed/packaged files (zip).

@ChiyoDragon Did you figure this out? I’m having the same challenge for someone trying to upload a 1.12GB file to a shared folder.

I would always do this with the client, then it will work. I even ploaded (not synced) drive images with a size over 100GB.

@bionade24 your answer does not solve the problem - I’m not asking for the Client. I have 50mb/s upload, so I want to decide which way to choose - Client or Webbrowser…

@thatvirtualboy No I didn’t find further information. I will investigate more

No at all, because the upload of the client uses seahub not the API, so if you use Chrome. it should work.

@bionade24 I’m using google chrome

What do your log files report?