Problem with Guest Sharing View

On 6.02 pro
I share a library to a guest with write permission
He can share folders in this library (the icon is displayed in the view).

But the popup window is blank (see image)

And access to the shared library is forbidden (see image)

There is no specific log

Generally, a guest can’t share (generate download/upload link, share to user/group) folders, share icon should NOT be displayed in the view, we will update the code in the next release.

Is the shared lib, which is named Mabiblioth… is the pic, actrully a folder? If yes, this is a known bug that has been fixed, and the code change will be included in the next release too.

Thanks for reporting.

Yes, the shared lib is named “Ma Bibliothèque” and it contains a subfolder named “_Urbanisation”.
Thanks you for the fixes.