Problem with LogIn from External

Hello Form,

I have a littel problem with logging in to my seafile Cloud witch is hostet at home.
when i try to log in i get an CSRFerror.

Verboten (403)
CSRF-Verifizierung fehlgeschlagen. Anfrage abgebrochen.

Forbidden (403)
CSRF-Verification failed. Request canceled.

Do you have any ideas??



Some things to try:

If you have 3rd party cookies blocked in your browser, enable them.
Your browser may have been hijacked by malware. Check extensions, run malware scans, etc.
Disable your anti-virus / anti malware programs temporarily and try. They could be generating a false positive.

Good evening Wthess,

I tink ma problem is the firewall system. The Seafile Server is behind a SOPHOS UTM 9.

Any recommondations in this case ?

Port 443 is accessible

Regards, Alex

That particular error is generated whenever the browser does not send the CSRF response back to the server. The 403, Forbidden message means that the server is responding to the browser, but refusing the connection due to not meeting expected response.

It is possible for a smart firewall to redirect a response or send a 403, but most commonly, a blocked port will return a 404 Connection Refused. So, can you try temporarily disabling SOPHOS and test it? If it works, then we will know that you need to reconfigure the firewall.

Hi Wthess,

the problem is soved ! I had a wrong configuration ! I configured permanent session cookies.
Your Tip was right ! So i found the problem.

Thank you verry much !


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No problem. Any time. Glad you figured it out.