Problem with login to WebDAV after update from 10.2 to 11.5 (CE) with LADP account


after having upgraded from CE 10.2 to 11.5, logging in to WebDAV no longer works for LDAP users. A newly created database user was able to login without problems.
Login for LDAP users to the web interface of Seafile works.

The followoing step has been carried out directly after the upgrade:

Error messages from seafdav.log:
21:15:30.588 - WARNING : Authentication (basic) failed for user ‘’, realm ‘Seafile Authentication’.
21:15:30.589 - INFO : - (anonymous) - [2024-02-20 20:15:30] “GET /” elap=0.247sec → 401 Not Authorized

Error messages from seafile.log:
2024-02-20 21:15:30 …/common/user-mgr.c(852): Invalide db passwd format !.

Database is mariadb/mysql, OS is Debian 12, web server is Apache.

Any hints what might be wrong and how to fix this issue?

Thank you

Hello, in Seafile 11, we updated the authentication mechanism for LDAP users, which caused some issues with Seafdav authentication. We will fix this shortly.

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thanks a lot for your feedback, I’ll then wait for the fix of this issue.

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Thank you very much, with the update to 11.0.6, the issue as been resolved.

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