Problem with webgui after 4.06 - 5.1.4 upgrade


After an upgrade from CE server 4.0.6 to 5.1.4 (Ubuntu 14.04.5LTS), the web gui stopped working. The sync clients work without any problems but the web gui seems to be broken. If i use the “view on cloud” entry in the desktop client i get to the screenshot attached and i can also access the admin area.

The only error i see is shown in firebug
main.js:221 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined
x.template @ main.js:221
(anonymous function) @ main.js:221
execCb @ require.js:1658
check @ require.js:874
enable @ require.js:1151
enable @ require.js:1519
(anonymous function) @ require.js:1136
(anonymous function) @ require.js:132
each @ require.js:57enable @ require.js:1098
enable @ require.js:1519(
anonymous function) @ require.js:1136(
anonymous function) @ require.js:132
each @ require.js:57enable @ require.js:1098
enable @ require.js:1519
(anonymous function) @ require.js:1136
(anonymous function) @ require.js:132
each @ require.js:57
enable @ require.js:1098
init @ require.js:782
(anonymous function) @ require.js:1424

The logfiles are no help at all:

  • ccnet.log = empty

  • seahub_django_request.log = empty

  • seahub.log = empty

Any help is welcome :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just found this post with the same problem and identical configuration (LDAP, Apache, SSL) → Seafile Community Forum


This is because js file is not correctly downloaded. Can you use firebug to check it?

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the quick reply!

The file seems to be ok, and maybe that ist not the root cause of the problem. If i access the site without the direct link from the desktop client, it does not show that error, but then i can’t get past the login screen.


is it normal that there is no username in the seahub.log when too many login attempts where made ? that just came up when i tried the login a few times.

[WARNING] seahub.auth.views:191 login Login attempt limit reached, show Captcha, email/username: , ip:, attemps: 1

Have you customized some of the pages?

Hi Daniel

YES! that was the point I’ve overlooked … thanks for the hint.

There are quite some adjustments (footer, help, email , logo,…) but the problem is “custom/templates/registration/login.html”. As soon as this file is in the templates folder, the web gui is broken. I’ll remove it for now, because the modifications in this file are not needed any more.

That’s a nasty kind of error, as it is completely without any log file entry, exception ,… anything that could give a hint on it’s root cause… Is there a way to do debug logging or a syntax check for template files ?