Problems Installing

I tried to install using the following methods for Ubuntu 16.04

  1. Using the Auto install Seafile Server CE* and PRO**. However, the github links don’t work. Can’t access the server.

  2. Using the manual method Download and Setup Seafile Professional Server.

1 hour later I successful got seahub and seafile started, according to the message in the command line. However, when I go to my ip address :8000 the page is not reachable.

How do I confirm which is my local ip address for this server?

Will the local host website work even if my external public website URL isn’t set up yet?

When I set up the database should I enter my local host ip address or the public IP or URL?

How can I change this (the URL or IP address) after finishing install in case it doesn’t work?


You should always run Seafile behind a reverse proxy. Just look up the docs for the configuration of nginx or apache.