Promote .COM-forum

I recommend to promote for this forum on the download page. A lot of people who actually use the 6.0.x-version are asking at the old .de-forum for help, but that forum is nearly dead and no one from the GmbH guys seems to be in the mood to help them and they started even to make it harder to help people by blocking the (you can’t post a link to this forum anymore). That’s sad for the users which are in trouble.

But they obviously visited the download page, because they use the newest version, so wouldn’t this be a good place to advertise this forum?

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I didn’t know this. But you could use a link shortener ( or something like this) as a workaround.

Already used this workaround :smiley:
Yeah I was also surprised that they block this forum and on the other side are still using the mobile apps and the manual from Ltd. I really wonder how they will convince a community to stay with them with hiding information and blocking important sites.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have added a promotion in the download page.


I also try to point every question about 6.x+ from the .de forum to the .com forum :wink:

Keep up the gold work and I wish you the best to solve the legal issues winth the GmbH soon.