Python 2.x End of Life

Hello Guys,

I was wondering if the Version 7 of Seafile Server already uses Python 3 or still 2 ?



So in a fresh installation of seafile server 7.x I only need to install python 3?

And after upgrading to 7 I can remove python 2 without hassle?

Only 7.1 will be Python 3. Seafile 7.0 is still using Python 2.

Since 7.1 is scheduled to be released year end, we’ll know more then :wink:

IMHO its a little late if we know by the end of the year when python 2 is EOL at this exact time…
Not every user upgrades within 2 days so the chances of users stil using Python 2 when its allready EOL is pretty high.

The migration should allready be complete - sry seafile.

Just my 2 cents.


Wanted to write the same. But I think we will be fine.
Hell will not rain down on python2 a few days after EOL