Python-mysqldb Not Available on MacOS

Hi When I run the setup script I get the error message:
$ ./
Checking python on this machine …
Checking python module: python-mysqldb …
python-mysqldb is not installed, Please install it first.

On Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install python-mysqldb


sudo yum install MySQL-python

Error occured during setup.
Please fix possible problems and run the script again.

However I am on a MacOS Server and so if I do a “pip list” command I get:

$ pip list
Package Version

certifi 2019.9.11
chardet 3.0.4
DBUtils 1.3
decorator 4.4.0
enum34 1.1.6
futures 3.3.0
idna 2.8
imageio 2.4.1
moviepy 1.0.1
mysql 0.0.2
MySQL-python 1.2.5
mysqldb-rich 3.7
numpy 1.16.5
olefile 0.46
Pillow 4.3.0
pip 18.0
proglog 0.1.9
pyasn1 0.4.7
pyasn1-modules 0.2.7
python-ldap 3.2.0
python-memcached 1.59
requests 2.22.0
setuptools 40.4.3
six 1.12.0
tqdm 4.36.1
urllib3 1.25.6
wheel 0.32.0
yasm 0.0

How do I overcome this setup issue?

Thank you,


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Seafile server does not support MacOS. I suggest you use the docker version.

Thanks Daniel,

Does this mean I can run a Seafile Docker Engine on my Mac Mini and access it from anywhere as if it were a ‘server’…?


You are right! Provided that other requirements are met (i.e., firewall, routing/portforwarding, …)

I can’t seem to find detailed instructions on how to build a Seafile 7.x Docker Engine from scratch for my machine (Mac Mini in my case).

Can you point me in the right direction?