Qt5 manually installed


I’m trying to compile the client but cmake fails.

The reason is that Qt5 is installed on my system by default but not “completely”. Some devel-packages are missing, namely the linguist-related files are missing.

I have a full installation of Qt5 in my homedir. Is it possible to direct cmake to that path? I already set $PATH to include my home directories Software folder.

Thanks in advance!

Additional info: Of course I could just install the missing Qt-dependencies via the package manager. But I would like to fulfill all dependencies without package management (as a unprivileged user, no “sudo”)..

In order for a program to run from any location, the path to the folder where the executable is located must be in the $PATH… For example, let’s say you have this folder structure.


Let’s say you put /home/yourname/software in your path statement. myprogram.sh will fail to run because it is under the someprogram subfolder. So, the path would need to include /home/yourname/software/someprogram.

With that being said, I believe that there is a way to recursively add subfolders in a Path, but it’s certainly not advisable.

I hope I understood what you were trying say, btw.

Also, here is a link to a github question on the very issue you asked about, with solution included.